Daisy Peyote Stitched Bracelet, Bangle, Black, White and Yellow, Beadwork


Original design of a White and Yellow Daisy on a Black background with beaded clasp. 2-Drop Peyote stitched bracelet using size 11/0 Delica beads.

This is my most popular bracelet and I can’t keep any in stock. Therefore, yours will be made at the time of order. It takes at least 5 business days to complete this bracelet.

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To size this bracelet measure your arm at about 2 inches from your wrist and add a half an inch for comfort and movement. Some prefer their bracelet to be tight, while others like it to fall a bit down their hand. This is a personal preference. If you need a more precise size please provide the information at the time of checkout.

Not intended for young children.

Shipping from Mexico.

Ready to ship within 5 business days.


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